Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's been a long Winter and Spring is on the way!

I just spent 45 minutes posting a long blog and somehow I touched my laptop in an odd way and it deleted everything I wrote and displayed.  I thought that there was a save function.  But it seems I must have hit a delete button somewhere!  AAARRGH!!!! 
   Ok, so let me remember what I wrote and I'll sort of start all over again!!! LOL
   First, I have not made many cards in the last two months due to my continually being ill. My immune system seems to have been compromised since my return from my second Hawaii trip.  I returned to a lingering cough that is still slightly there, which then turned into a few virus attacks where one actually kept me in bed a couple of days.  But, I did seem to make a few cards and also finally attended a class with Diana Kovacs.  So, let's just proceed with some of the cards:

This card was a result of Diana's last class.  It was a class on collage, so I went home and tried to put something together in the genre of the class, including the use of some Tim Holtz grunge board for the number/background.

These two cards were made with peel-offs and  mica water colors from USArtQuest.  I saw the paints demonstrated at the Heirloom stamp show in Allentown, Pa in April:

I use the peel-off images instead of stamped images to use as a base and then color in with the mica paints.  It is pretty straight forward, but it's easy and makes for a nice effect.

The 'dreams' card was made for my friend Tracey's birthday.  I love pattered paper and own too much of it.  It is fun to combine  different patterns to connect as one object for a card.  Little pearl dots are in !!


This card was made from experimenting with Spellbinders forms to cut paper into specific shapes.  I love this stamp...too bad the balloon is tipped slightly to one side. ;-).

 This next card is just an easy card to make with two pattern papers, an embellishment and a sentiment made from peel-offs.  These are simple to make but seem to come out looking pretty.


So, for now, I'll end this.  I'm working on some new projects and will post about them next time,
  Let's hope the rain stops soon here on Long Island.