Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just havin' fun!

Since my visit in NJ to attend the scrapbook show a few weeks ago, I have been very creative.  Sometimes you just need a jolt!! 

Here are a few worth showing:

No sentiment yet for this looks so much better in my hand! LOL

I love this background's really bright and shiny and has a texture to it.

This is a long card made with patterned paper tape instead of ribbon.

This next picture will not go on a card.  I'm going to frame it and give it to my husband Ron.  He really likes it.  The coloring of the background picture within the frame (which has a neat patina like covering...) was done in water color pencils.  It is a bit subdued, but not bad for a first try.  The patina was produced by Stampendous' aged copper embossing enamel.  The scanner did not really reproduce this picture with enough clarity.  Oh, well, a camera will be my next purchase (my old one just died...;-(   )

 This heat and humidity is uncomfortable.  I wish I could share the moisture with the states in the Midwest.  Strange weather patterns these days!

Stay cool and comfy everyone!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A photo instead of a scan

I sure wish I could take good photos ! I took a photo of Lizzy's birthday card with my iPhone.  It isn't the most balanced photo, but you can see the difference in the cards dimensions.  The photo is somehow cut off on the extremities of the surrounding area if the card, but what I wanted to point out is how the photo shows the three dimension of the flowers.  Each flower and leaf are hand colored and decorated.  The background paper still is not showing its beauty.  OY!  I need to learn to take better photos of my cards. LOL

This next card us made with stamps from Judith's Stamps.  I finally had the opportunity to see her whole line in person at the Somerset NJ scrapbook convention this past weekend. I met my friend Barbara and we had a lovely time being together, spending our money and talking cards.  
  Anyway, I made a card yesterday with several of Judith's stamps:

 I'm sure that if I could photograph this card properly you could see the details.
hmm?  I gotta start photo shooting my cards!!!!  The scanner makes them so drab and flat. 
Oh, well...enough for now...
I hope all's well out there !