Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Babies

I guess that I've not mentioned anything about those two beautiful tuxedo cats on my home page.  Well, on the left is GirlCat and the cat on the right is BoyCat.  They are siblings. When that picture was taken they were around 3 1/2 years old.  I had just taken them into my home.  An unlucky couple decided that they didn't want to take them from their apartment to their new home.  I had wanted to adopt 'a' cat, but when the opportunity came to take in two, I couldn't let them go homeless.  Well, today, they are over 18 years old.  They are my baby kitties.  They look the same now except that as they age they have gotten thinner.  But, the Vet says that with age cats lose muscle mass.  They both have some illnesses that need medications administered at different times of the day.  Somehow they have survived and my husband and I love them dearly.  It isn't easy raising elderly cats.  They rule our house. Their schedules determine our lives.  They are vocal and moody and tell us how they feel.  We take their lead and follow them.  They are surely pushie little kitties. LOL  But until it is their time to pass on, we will treasure the unconditional love they offer us, and will cater to their every need.    

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some more new stuff

As you can see, I added some HTML to my page.  On the right is a link to "Where Women Create" magazine. I love the Stampington magazines that pertain to my craft, but this magazine is even more beautifully produced than the others.  I know that I'm not in the league of the women who are featured in the magazine, but just reading about them, and looking at the art work and photography, is thrilling! It's a little eye candy for me with a creative punch!
   Meanwhile, here are a few new cards:

These are all a little different.  I had some leftover gold leaf paper and made the gold butterfly card for a friend.  The Asian style card was designed after a card I saw in a card magazine.  I'm trying to teach myself to color the stamped objects, so there are some examples of my beginning coloring.

The following pic is a practice page of using colored pencils:

 As you can see, I'm still am amateur at it, but I'll keep at it.  
  For now, that's what's new.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just not enough time

I just don't know how bloggers do it! Where do they get the time.  I barely have time to work at my craft desk to develop examples of my work. LOL
  I have been working on some new techniques in putting color into my stamped objects. There are many mediums to use and I've just purchased some Copic markers (a beginning set of 12 Ciao markers) and 2 sets of Prismacolor pencils.  At the moment, I'm spending more time with the pencils.  The Copic markers are a challenge that still needs to be explored.  I'll post some examples of my color testing soon.
  I'm a student who is still learning and between my classes with Diana Kovacs and my online research, I plan on continuing, albeit part time,  to educate myself in this craft.