Saturday, November 27, 2010

My November 2010 Post

I haven't posted due to a busy lifestyle and just trying to work on my techniques.  I feel obligated to post some of my work each posting.  So here goes...
  I've been busy working on my coloring skills as well as making basic cards for occasions.
   First, here are some occasion cards that I've made:


The top card is made from a Hero Arts stamp and it was sent to my fellow card making friend, Barbara Snyderman. The design is stamped and then heat embossed with gold.

The top card was a simple design from patterned paper embellished with a butterfly and some ribbon.  It seemed to work. I sent it as an anniversary card.
The second card is a b-day card that I'm not pleased with, but it is using an Outlines stamp.  It is one of the three cakes on the stamp. Again, attempting to color with pencils.
The third card works...emboss the background and then stamp and stick on over ribbon.  
The ne3xt card didn't quite work as well as I'd planned.  I wanted to roll over the ink pad of the graduated green colors, but the light colors didn't take as well as I'd liked.

So, there are some good ones and some not so good that is. 

Now it is that time of year when I need to make my Chanukah cards to mail out.  

The top card is a single card that will be send to my friend Barbara.
The second card I made about 5 duplicates  and the remaining three are the variations on the basic theme in different colored cards.  All together I'll mail out around 20 cards.  Holiday cards are not my strong suit.

I'm still taking classes with Diana Kovaks.  In the next week she's offering an ATC class that I'm really looking forward to.  Her classes are great for learning and sharing with other stampers.  

I want to mention a new magazine for me that I love and subscribed to.  "Craft Stamper" is from England and can be seen at  I read about it in another stamp magazine and had to check it out.  It has great tutorials in there for techniques and the craftsmanship is excellent.

And, the first week in November was the New York Area Stamp Show in Smithtown, NY.  It is the only real show in the NYC - Long Island area.  My friend Barbara met me there and we had a great day chatting catching up, talking stamps and cards, and sharing a meal.  The show was great and we both spent more money than was necessary, but how could you pass up new stuff!!! right?  LOL

Well, unless I think I've forgotten something, that's it for now.
Happy Stamping everyone