Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life goes on...

On January 9, 2012, my beloved BoyCat passed on to kitty heaven.  After multiple illnesses, senility, and kidney failure, the time had come to ease him of his misery.  Our Veterinarian came to our house and assisted in putting him at peace.  BoyCat was buried in our back yard wrapped in a towel and warm cuddly purr pads within a beautiful wooden box. Ron and I wept.  The Boy is now at peace.  He lived a good life of 19 1/2 human years.  I miss him every day.
Our GirlCat misses her brother, but we have been giving her lots of extra attention.  She is the same age as the Boy but she is a bit heartier than he was.  She has some medical problems, but she is doing quite well.  She's the grand old lady of our household: The Queen!
So, for now we have one furry friend who will hopefully be with us for a little while longer.


How about some cards?

 I'm trying to develop my own style, which I think is eclectic and funky! LOL  I just never know what is going to be produced until I go through my papers, stamps, die, etc...  I just wish I had more time to work on them.

I'm still working on my Copic classes.  I'm slow, but I'm learning.  I am not a totally natural artist and don't have any formal training, so for me, I go slowly.  But, I still enjoy it and know that I can't compare myself to those very talented card artists out there.  I can only just make my cards and enjoy the process and share the results with friends and family.
   So, for now...I think it's time to design a card.