Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's time to post ! 
I have been busy with life and making various cards, but just haven't been inclined to post here.  But, I'm ready now.

I recently returned from another visit to Hawaii to visit with my kids,  It was Max's 2nd birthday on December 8th and I wouldn't miss it for anything!  It was a glorious week of playing with my beautiful grandson and spending quality time with Eric and Jackie.  There have been some illnesses in their home this past year, but as a family, they found strength to support one another and keep their love strong!  I am very proud of them.  

Now, time to show some cards:

Chanukah was early this year.  I didn't make very many cards and sent even fewer. LOL  But for my own sake, I wanted to test my creativity.

Here is Max's b-Day card:

And some general cards:





For now, these will have to do.  They aren't perfect cards, but they are my creations and I always have fun making them.
Happy Holidaze to one and all,