Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It takes time to blog...

I work 5 days a week, so maintaining this blog is going to be a challenge.
When I'm home I like to make time to work on my craft, which during the work week is generally an hour or so sometime between 9pm and 11pm at night.  I turn on my laptop because I know I'm going to need it to either use the scanner, or printer.  I also need the laptop to run my Silhouette cutting machine. In today's modern age, in order to produce the most interesting crafts, electronics seem to be necessary. I use my computers (I also have a desk top computer that's in our home office) for both work and play.  But my laptop is basically my toy for playing at making cards. LOL Oh, and I must admit, that when my laptop isn't printing or scanning, it is tuned to with a TV episode on as background to my creativity. LOL  
   I need to stop now...more later.  I'm going to list some of my favorite websites and publications for card making inspirations.