Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to the New Year!

In three days I will be on an airplane on the way to the Big Island of Hawaii to meet my grandson Max.  I'm traveling alone without my husband.  My two baby cats are elderly and have too many medical and emotional needs right now to leave them with a sitter.  So, Ron decided that he would take care of the cats and I should meet Max.  I'll be gone around a week or so. But, I'll have a laptop, my Blackberry and my I-Pod touch to stay connected.  I'm never alone when I have my electronic gadgets!! LOL
  Meanwhile, I haven't really produced much since my last post, but here goes:

The top card seems to be partially scanned...but you get the idea.  The pink background was embossed with a Sizzix paisley embossing folder using my Cuttlebug..  This is a non-stamped card using peel-offs and ribbon.  I think that the effect works well here. I'll add text if I give it away.

The middle card was made for my brother's birthday.  It has yet to he mailed.  I used patterned paper with ribbon around it and then attached a card with a stamped image that was colored directly to the stamp with Marvy brush markers. I had to work fast so the ink wouldn't dry before I stamped it on the paper.  The color background was sponged on directly from the ink pad to paper using a yellow and a brown combo.  I enhanced the flowers with a little glitter glue and added the three pearls to make the picture POP! 

The last card was sent to a relative for his birthday.  I adhered some patterned paper that came from a Stampington magazine.  I then adhered the cake picture, which I have shown here as an example of my experiments with color.  I enhanced the background color again with sponging on the colors from the ink pads.  I love peel-offs, so I  striped the two sides to make the card POP!


After I emailed to my friends that I was posting on my own blog, my friend Pattie in Los Angeles asked me about ATCs.  An ATC is a little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch piece of artwork.  ATC means, Artist Trading Card. They are a very popular form of artwork among card makers and scrapbookers.   If you research them on Google you will see some fantastic multimedia miniatures that will really surprise you.   

I have dabbled in ATCs and first got involved with them after reading about them, but I really started to understand them more from taking classes with Diana Kovacs (I apologize for previously misspelling her name), a designer from Hampton Art, She is local to my area and offers classes.  I've mentioned her before as someone who has influenced my growth in this art form.  So, I am going to show you a whole bunch of early ATCs that I made prior to my meeting Diana and then the work I produced after I met her. Remember, these are small and not the size of a greeting card.

The following are ATCs that were made after working with Diana:

As you can see, the style and form is very different.  This form of collage is a stretch for me, but it is so much fun!  Each card was an adventure and I thank Diana for her inspiration and encouragement.  I hope to attend the next ATC class she offers coming up soon!

So, that's it for now...I don't post often, but try to fill up a few pages when I do.
Comments are more than welcome!
  Aloha!   Lois...