Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Copic Markers: a real challenge

I had been researching for a local class for instructions on how to use Copic Markers.  I didn't know where to start to learn to use them except from some disjointed YouTube classes.  Then, my fellow card maker from Diana Kovacs' classes, Kim Bell, told me about Suzanne Dean's online classes.  I checked out her website and blog and have since started with the first class that has an organized agenda with plenty of backup material for the videos.  Check out her blog: 
And, click on her "Color Me Creative" badge on the right of my page.

Since I am not an natural artist, but a real amateur, I find the classes a challenge.  I understand about color and shading but I truly need instruction on how to handle the ink in the markers as well as what combination of colors work best for shading.  I have found her classes hard work, but fun! There are four classes, each with many videos that are organized from basic techniques to more professional methods to get the most out of your coloring.  I am at the end of the first class starting to view the extra videos she has posted beyond the class curriculum.  

Here is a full sheet I scanned of examples of my test pictures (homework...yeah! Suzanne assigns homework !!)  from the first class.  Suzanne uses Magnolia stamps.  I have none, so I printed some out to play with, watermarks and all.  The others pics are of either stamped or printed pictures.

This scan doesn't seem to appear any bigger, but you can see that my work is still in the testing stages and needs more practice.  


I did made a few new cards I'd like to post:

The above card was attempt to color using Prisma Colored Pencils, which I really enjoy using. The Copic class is giving me new insight on shading and have used that with my pencils.  This is also a learning experience.  I am planning on taking Suzanne's colored pencil class after I complete the Copic classes.

I love pretty paper.  I have become a collector more than a user with all the  pads of beautiful printed papers I have stored away.  The piece of paper I used here is a corner of a large 12 x 12 sheet.  It is so colorful and fun.  I added the black bling at the top, the bloom stamp and what you can't see is the glitter enhanced edges of the butterfly.  I think it looks better live.

The background paper is from Stampington from one of their  publications.  I saved it from last year and finally found a use for this piece.  It is simple and to the point and a little crooked. LOL

I love peel-offs.  You can get very creative with them.  Instead of an inked image, a foil one gives the object more dimension.  Here I painted the colors with  LuminArte's H2O and US Art Quest's iridescent mica water colors.  I used Inksentials Glossy Accent to pop out the colors in the flowers and stems.  It looks much nicer live.

So much else is going on in life.  My baby Max is growing and is soooo big and healthy.  He and his parents come east for two weeks to see family after almost 3 years in Hawaii.  I spent some time with him and breathed in every precious moment I had to be with him.  He's still my little buddy.  I'll post some pics of him soon.
  I hope everyone on the east coast is enjoying this warm weather after a very long cool wet Spring.  There are other parts of this country and around the world where the weather patterns have not been a blessing.  We have been very lucky!! 
  Well, it is hot here in my little studio space and I need to get into an air conditioned room. LOL
  Be well and stay cool!