Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I guess I missed my August posting

It is not easy to find time to post on a blog.  Working full time, taking care of a house, husband, and two cats, leaves little time to myself.  Actually, I do believe that my husband Ron manages the cats' lives.  Having geriatric cats with various illnesses is almost a full time job.  Ron is semi-retired engineer and works from home.  As the old saying goes:  Ron and the cats are one.  LOL  Still life gets busy around our house.  So tonite I have a small window of time to do a quick post. 
    I am still practicing my Copic Markers and trying to watch the videos on Suzanne Dean's site.  With the small amount of time I have to work on my card making, I have made a few cards and done some practice work.  So, here goes:  These are a few practice pictures using the Copics. 

Here are some cards with a variety of styles:

This is the card with the completed window image I displayed last time with only the wood.

Since I scan and not photograph my cards, it is difficult to see the three dimensional dots and glitter on this card.  It is so much brighter in natural light.

I love this cat stamp and finally designed the right card for it.

This red card is full of glitter and dimension.  I haven't decided the occasion for this one yet.

This next card is so much prettier in the light.  I glued a 3-dimensional flower onto a strip of paper with similar flowers on it.  The ribbon is velvet.

The next card seems so peaceful to me.  

This is a fun birthday card. I love the combination of paper and affects

It's time for me to get to bed.  I hope that I am not so tardy at posting for next time.
I'll try to post some current Max pictures.