Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October just flew by .....

I was hoping to post earlier this month, but life seems to have a way of moving along just a wee bit too fast!
I'm still working on my Copic lessons and have made a few cards in between my practicing.  I'll post a few here now:  

This card was made from this practice piece:  

The above card is a funky card using alcohol inks and a stamp.  I am still a bit collage challenged.

Here's another card made for my office.  A young man was getting married.  I make the card, the employees sign the card and donate a little money to send him on his honeymoon.  

I made this as a birthday card for my daughter-law's mother.  This card is full of sparkle that can't be seen from this scan.

This cat was a practice cat for my Copics.  It  came out good enough to make a card with it.

The following are just Copic practice pieces.

I'm getting better with the Copics, but I still have two more classes to finish in the Suzanne Dean series.  Each class has as many 15 videos teaching various methods.  So, it is a long process and will continue leaning all through the coming New Year.

Be well all !  I hope to post again soon!