Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh, My...Two Months have gone by!

It seems that as I get older, time goes by too quickly.  Here it is December 26th and almost the new year of 2012.  I have been busy with work, travel and making a few cards for events.  My job keeps me busy 5 days a week.  I work in a busy office and my duties including managing the daily coming and goings of mail, deliveries, greeting guests, catering meals, being liaison with the building management, managing a small side business for my boss and assisting other departments when necessary.  Right now one gal who also manages a small business within our company is going on maternity leave, so I will do her chores as well. So, I keep busy all during the day.  I commute to and from work, so I arrive home very tired. If I'm lucky, I have enough energy to work on my cards possibly one hour in an evening.  I try to get to my craft table during the weekends.  
   My grandson Max became one year old on December 8th.  I flew to Hawaii on the 7th and returned home on the 13th.  It was a short but wonderful visit with my beautiful, fun and delightful grandson.  Of course I spent time with my son and his wife...who are also the best!!!

Here is a picture of my kids at Max's luau birthday party when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him and Max just joined in the fun too.  Jackie and Eric are there with great smiles on their faces as well.  It was a great party and that tired little boy just partied on. 

So, for now, this is my posting.  I will post some pictures of some cards I made these past two month as soon as I can.
Happy New Year all !