Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just havin' fun!

Since my visit in NJ to attend the scrapbook show a few weeks ago, I have been very creative.  Sometimes you just need a jolt!! 

Here are a few worth showing:

No sentiment yet for this looks so much better in my hand! LOL

I love this background's really bright and shiny and has a texture to it.

This is a long card made with patterned paper tape instead of ribbon.

This next picture will not go on a card.  I'm going to frame it and give it to my husband Ron.  He really likes it.  The coloring of the background picture within the frame (which has a neat patina like covering...) was done in water color pencils.  It is a bit subdued, but not bad for a first try.  The patina was produced by Stampendous' aged copper embossing enamel.  The scanner did not really reproduce this picture with enough clarity.  Oh, well, a camera will be my next purchase (my old one just died...;-(   )

 This heat and humidity is uncomfortable.  I wish I could share the moisture with the states in the Midwest.  Strange weather patterns these days!

Stay cool and comfy everyone!