Monday, April 1, 2013

Ok, so I skipped a month...

I have been wanting to write and post pictures of cards, but instead I have just been busy making cards!  LOL  But procrastination and making time has a lot to do with my not blogging.   So, here are a few new ones:

 I think I may need a new scanner.  These pictures are coming out so light.  The colors seem so much richer to see with your eyes and not thru the scanner.
 I love these cards.  I have been going thru all my patterned paper and have found some wonderful papers that have inspired me.

The card below was for Selma's 89th birthday.  She is amazing!

 There are others, but these are my current favorites.
I'm looking forward to Spring and warm weather.  My feet need to be aired in sandals and not in hot stuffy shoes!!