Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's almost the end of May!

There just is not enough time in the day for me to do everything I want to do.  Working full time really cuts into my play time at home.  I love my private time here at my craft desk making cards.  I've made a few cards but have not had the time to post.  Now I will make up for lost time.

Here are a few of my favorite cards that were produced since I last posted:

The red card is made from a fun stamp.  Washie tape seems to be a big hit theses days and I have used some here behind the picture. This card was for my grandniece Julia for her 14th b-day.  My how times flies!!

This Tea Party card is showing so lightly.  This is a stamp I bought at the Heirloom Stamp show in Allentown in April.  It is part of a grouping of EZ mount rubber stamps by Mulberry Wood.  This scan of the card doesn't allow you to see the sparkly roses.  Oh,well...

Oh, this cat card is so pretty but my scanner just doesn't pick up the nuances.  This is another cling mount stamp but by Another Stamp Company. I gave this to my hubby for his birthday in April

Oh, this picture is so pretty live.  It is a butterfly tree.  There are lots of glitter and colors.  This is another stamp stamp from the Allentown show but this time by Prickley Pear.

This stamp is another Prickley Pear stamp.  I gave my hubby this card for our anniversary.

This was a fun stamp.  I've had it a long time ad never used it.  The paper is beautiful specialty paper with an Asian motif

I think I have used this design and stamp more than once over the years but there is always a bit of a twist to each one that makes them unique.  Here we have the patterned paper and the washie tape and some bling to make the card pop!

This is a simple thank you card with pattered paper and some bling on the greeting.

I think that I'll end for now. There are other cards  to be posted at another time.
Spring has sprung here on Long Island.  My white dogwood tree out my window is started to lose its flowers and I had one lone daffodil that bloomed until it could bloom no more! LOL
   Life goes on....hopefully for a long time